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Oral Soft Tissue Surgery

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Evan
Oral Soft Tissue SurgeryWhile teeth and bones are considered hard tissue, we term lips, gums, tongues, and cheeks soft tissues. Soft tissue surgery aims to repair and preserve healthy and attractive tissues. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) performs such surgeries.

A soft tissue procedure is necessary to remove blemishes from the oral lining. These blemishes result from either an overgrowth or clogged salivary gland tissue on the cheek's lining or lower lip due to minor trauma— for example, an unfortunate self-bite.

This procedure lasts for approximately an hour under local anesthesia. After the numbness erodes, you will need to take painkillers. The stitches from this procedure are dissolvable— taking a maximum of 2 weeks to disappear.

Some of these procedures include:


The frenum is a tissue that connects two oral parts, for example, the cheek and the gums, the bottom of the mouth and the tongue, and the gums and lips. A Frenectomy removes a portion of the frenum to lower its tension. Consequently, the increased range of motion ensures the patient has an easy time chewing. Frenectomies also assist in narrowing the gap between the two front upper teeth. Our offices will help you achieve any of the above.

Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty

The gum's inflammation, gingivitis, results from bacteria that can cause periodontitis. For a lower likelihood, the affected region is surgically taken care of through a process known as a gingivectomy. A gingivoplasty offers both the functional and aesthetic feel of the gum as it is a surgical gum reshaping procedure. Our specialist understands the vitality of these procedures and offers illustrious services.

Soft tissue grafting

The loss of gum tissue may stem from an infection, tooth loss, or periodontal disease. For the overall health and appearance of the gum, grafting is necessary. Soft tissues are harvested from the roof of the mouth and consolidated into the desired position. In approximately a month, the graft integrates into the gum. We recommend booking an appointment with our doctor to raconteur the region due to the unpredictability of the integration. Contact us now and have your concern sorted.
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