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Lash And Brow Tinting • Teays Valley, West Virginia

Close up of a woman's eyebrows being tinted with a small brush at The Facial Center in Charleston, WV It's not uncommon for people to be unhappy with the appearance of their eyelashes or eyebrows. For many, a simple solution is to apply makeup daily to darken the eyelashes and eyebrows and give them a darker, bolder look. Those who don't want to apply makeup every day, however, can visit our office in West Virginia for a tinting treatment.

Eyebrow Tinting

Many people dislike the look of their eyebrows because they're either too light or too sparse. A common quick fix for these people is to use makeup, such as eyebrow pencils and brushes, to thicken and darken the brows; however, this often takes a significant amount of time and must be done every day. With eyebrow tinting, we can provide the same darker and bolder look, but it can last up to an entire month without makeup or the need for reapplication.

Eyelash Tinting

Similar to eyebrow tinting, our office can help create a more appealing look for your eyelashes. Some people feel that their eyelashes are too light to see or too short. Mascara is a quick solution, with many different types available to add volume or color to your eyelashes. An alternative choice, however, is eyelash tinting. With tinting, we can darken your eyelashes and give them a more noticeable appearance. The results will last longer than makeup without the need for daily application.

Tinting in Teays Valley, West Virginia

Eyelash tinting is offered only at our Teays Valley location, so we encourage you to contact our team if you're interested in learning more about the tinting process. We can answer any questions you may have and schedule you an appointment.
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