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Weight Loss Program Charleston WV

Weight Loss Photo at The Facial Center in Charleston, WV

About Weight Loss

Our experts at The Facial Center want to help you feel as good as you look. We understand how difficult weight loss can be; especially when you try to do it on your own. This is why our medically supported weight loss options offer you the support and accountability of a team that is on your side. We offer a customized, medically supervised weight loss program to assist you in reaching your goals. Our team uses a combination of medications and diet plans, as well as nutritional and physical activity counseling throughout your weight loss journey. We offer appetite suppressant therapy and Semaglutide, which is FDA approved for the treatment of obesity.

About Semaglutide

With a once weekly injection of Semaglutide, starting your weight loss journey has never been easier. Semaglutide is an FDA approved weekly weight loss injection that has been clinically proven to reduce body weight by up to 10% within 12 weeks of starting treatment. This treatment works by targeting the areas of the brain that regulate appetite and hunger, helping your body adapt to your new diet and lifestyle while still delivering results.

The weight loss process

Patients will meet with one of our experts and discuss medical history, weight loss goals and current lifestyle. At the initial visit, we will do lab work and an EKG to establish your baseline. In your next visit, we will determine which combination of diet plan and medication will help you to reach your goals safely and effectively. We will meet with you monthly to monitor your progress.

Who benefits

Adults who have serious health problems due to their weight significantly benefit from the assistance of medical professionals like ours at The Facial Center in their weight loss journey. If you have tried diet and exercise on your own and not been able to lose weight, then Semaglutide may be an option for you. Our experts take your health into account when developing a safe and effective weight loss treatment.

We at The Facial Center look forward to assisting patients in their weight loss journey. Call or text our Teays Valley location at (304) 760-4000 for more information and to schedule a consultation.

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Weight Loss Program | Charleston WV | The Facial Center
If you have tried diet and exercise on your own and not been able to lose weight, then our weight loss program with Semaglutide may be an option for you.
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