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Effective Ways to Treat Oral Thrush

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Weo Admin
 healthy teeth and oral hygeineOral thrush (candidiasis) is a yeast infection characterized by white patches or lesions in the mouth. This fungal infection affects the tongue, cheeks, and gut. It can also appear on the gums, palate, and tonsils. Candidiasis is prevalent among children and seniors. It is typically a result of fungi overgrowth. It can also be a symptom of diabetes or compromised immunity. Certain medications can also oral thrush. A diet with excessive sugar can also fuel the oral thrush once it has established itself. The good news is you can treat oral thrush at home before visiting a dentist with the following tips.

Use Anti-Fungal Medication

Oral thrush develops from too much fungi in the mouth. Anti-fungal medications can help. These non-prescription medications are easily accessible at any drugstore.

Rinse Your Mouth with Warm Salt Water

For mild cases, warm salt water can work. Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue before gaggling warm saltwater to treat oral thrush. The concoction will kill all fungi that cause candidiasis, helping you recover from oral thrush. You can also use various anti-fungal mouthwashes to treat oral thrush.

Apply Topical Medication

Topical medications can be an ideal alternative to mouthwashes. You only need to apply the medicine to the affected areas to treat the condition. However, this option might take time to deliver desirable outcomes.

Stay Hydrated

Oral thrush may develop from a dry mouth. Having a dry mouth might mean your body lacks adequate water. Drinking sips of water regularly may help treat oral thrush and prevent it from spreading. Have a water bottle to stay hydrated whenever you are thirsty and limit the likelihood of developing oral thrush.

Visit a Dentist

For severe cases, it is essential to visit a dentist. A dental checkup can correctly diagnose the condition and prescribe the appropriate treatments for oral thrush. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have oral thrush. We can help treat oral thrush for optimal oral health.

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