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Patient Stories - Renew

Love your look year-round with our Refresh line of services, which are designed to provide you with a flawless complexion.

The videos below feature past and current patients who have undergone or who continuously undergo cosmetic treatments at our office. We encourage you to watch their videos and learn about the patient experience at our practice. We look forward to providing you with the same optimal results.

Meet Casey


Hi, my name's Casey. I'm from Nitro, West Virginia. I had mini facelifts with Dr. Krajekian. Working with him has just been great. He's happy, and he's helpful, and he seemed to be pleased with his results and happy with things, and that makes me feel a lot better. The mini facelift has helped tremendously, and I feel better. More than anything, I feel better. I like what I see, and I'm extremely happy. Everyone at this office is really great. They know what's going on, they know what they're doing, and I trust them completely. Everybody's just been wonderful and extremely helpful if I have any questions. They even texted me the next day after the surgery and a couple days after. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I had a great experience here, and I highly recommend The Facial Center.

Meet Robin


Hi, my name is Robin. I'm from Teays Valley, and I had the upper blepharoplasty, laser treatments under my eye, and BOTOX into my forehead. I had them all three done the same day, which was amazing, so I could save time and recuperation. Dr. Krajekian is, from my opinion, an awesome person. He did a great job on my eyes. He is so easy to talk with, and he is honest. After the recuperation time and I started seeing the results, I just felt so much better about myself. Very happy with it. This place is beautiful. The people here, they were so helpful, and they explain things to me. They treated me like family, and I felt extremely comfortable. Overall, I would say I've had an excellent experience here. For my friends and family in the Teays Valley and Cross Lanes area, I highly recommend The Facial Center.

Meet Misty

Fractional CO₂ Laser

Dr. Brock did a laser surfacing process with me, and that allowed me to get rid of some of my sun damage, but then after a week, I was ready to go with nice, fresh, baby skin. It seemed fresh and renewed. It was tight and toned and had a nice sheen and glow to it. It was actually a really nice experience. He's very bedside friendly, so to speak. He's just down to earth; he explains everything in detail, so you feel very comfortable with what he's going to do. They just make you feel good about yourself. You just go out, and you just feel like you can smile and talk to people and get to know people and just have a sense of confidence about yourself, and it was just a good experience from start to end.

Meet Jeannie

Laser Resurfacing

I have large pores, and I had a little bit of discoloring of pigment on my face, and during the consult, Dr. Brock talked to me about doing laser resurfacing, and he thought I would be a good candidate for that. I had several small lines that were starting - laugh lines, crow's feet here - and he said that the laser resurfacing would take care of that and the large pores. That was my big concern. The recovery was about a week, and full recovery time was six months for your face, and I was very happy. I do not see the large pores when I take pictures anymore, and when I smile, I don't see the little lines that he said that were starting, and I'm very pleased with what Dr. Brock suggested for me. Not only Dr. Brock, but the staff as well, all make you feel at home and are very knowledgeable to answer your questions, and I've been pleased with all of the things that I have had done at the facility. I would definitely recommend for someone to call Dr. Brock or The Facial Center.

Meet Tina

Fractional CO₂ Laser

Well, I actually went with a friend to have CO₂ laser surgery and BOTOX®. We don't realize the sun damage that we do to ourselves when we're young, and then as we get older, it does damage to our skin, and now it's like new skin. It's awesome. It's amazing. The wrinkles are gone, and I like the fact that the sun damage is gone. I know that my skin is healthy, and I know that when I go back there, Dr. Brock is there for me and that the staff is just amazing. They care about you; it's not like you're a number. Why would you need to go there? Because it's the only place to go where they take care of you from beginning to end, and they do follow up as well.

Meet Pat

Fractional CO₂ Laser

Whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, it didn't reflect the way I felt inside. I've had fillers, and I've had some BOTOX®, and I had the fractional laser peel. That's where they literally take off the top layer of skin on your face. It is very, very effective, and I plan on having it again. The staff is very nice, and Dr. Brock is very nice, and I like coming to see him. I trust him. I prefer to come here and have Dr. Brock do it because he's earned my confidence, and I feel like he's very gentle. He takes great care and consideration in making sure you're as comfortable as possible. I do feel like my outside matches my inside more, yes.

Meet Natasha


I came here for my blephs - that's the upper part of your eyes. That's something very delicate that you don't really want just anybody to work with, so I felt comfortable enough for our surgeons to work on that. I feel like my blephs - they were sort of sagging down toward my eyelashes and causing a little bit of vision issues, so once I had that done, they were not touching my eyelashes anymore, so I have a better range of vision. The procedure went really well; I hardly had any recovery. I actually went to Chili's right afterward and ate. They took the stitches out a week later, and the recovery was great. I didn't have any problems or complications from it. It improved my confidence, where I can put a little bit of eyeliner on my top lashes. I really like the results from it.

Meet Terry


My eyelids were drooping so bad, especially on the top. When I would get real tired, I could really feel it, and I couldn't see real good looking up. Well, they said they could easily take care of it for me. Also, I asked him, I had little bags underneath my eyes, and I said, “Could we take care of that too?” And they did. It went very well. I feel real good. No problems with my eyes at all, and I think I probably look 10 years younger. They were very good to deal with. Very nice. Any questions I would have, they took care of me all the way. The doctors and the staff - they were great to deal with. Everyone was very, very accommodating. I'm just very pleased with the outcome. The surgeons there were just great.
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