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What Are the Types Of Jaw Surgery?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Evan
What Are the Types Of Jaw Surgery?Jaw surgery is the surgery to fix your upper jaw and lower jaw when they don't line up. A surgeon may advise this process for several reasons. For instance, jaw surgery could correct an injury or realign a bite out of alignment owing to unusual jaw growth. Below are the types of jaw surgery.

Mandibular Osteotomy (Lower Jaw)

Lower jaw surgery, also known as mandibular osteotomy, is used to realign the lower jaw. It's frequently utilized to correct an extreme underbite. An oral surgeon adjusts the lower jawbone during the surgery. The dentist may adjust the patient's bite forward or backward, depending on how it is aligned.

Maxillary Osteotomy (Upper Jaw Surgery)

During a maxillary osteotomy procedure, the surgeon will adjust the position of the upper jaw. An oral surgeon will make a gum incision during the surgery.

The upper jaw is sliced, broken, and then positioned correctly by the surgeon. Then the teeth are fitted with a tiny plastic wafer. Wafers aid with upper jaw alignment. Titanium screws and metal plates hold the jaw in place. Upper jaw surgery may treat an overbite, crossbite, or open bite.


Genioplasty is also referred to as Chin surgery. It can help restore a chin that is receding. A retracting lower jaw will combine with a mandibular osteotomy.


An open-joint arthroplasty (keyhole surgery) is frequently performed to treat TMD. An oral surgeon will insert a small camera called an arthroscope into the tiny incision in front of the ear. Afterward, they will remove the joint's scar tissue to ease discomfort.

Dangers and risks of jaw surgery

Jaw surgery can solve problems caused when your upper and lower jaws don't line up; however, several dangers or risks will occur, just like any procedure. Before any treatment, your surgeon should explain these risks to you.
The following issues with bite or alignment after surgery may necessitate further procedures, an adverse reaction to the anesthetic, excessive bleeding, infection at the surgical site, harm to the jaw nerves, fracture of the jaw, and problems with bite or alignment.
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