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What Are the Signs of Maxillofacial Cancer?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Evan
What Are the Signs of Maxillofacial Cancer?Many confuse common health issues like a cold or a toothache with maxillofacial cancer. Maxillofacial cancer affects the mouth's floor, tongue, throat, lips, cheeks, sinuses, and soft and hard palates. It can spread quickly to the entire mouth and other neck and head areas if not identified and treated as soon as possible.

If detected early, maxillofacial cancer is curable. Unfortunately, most people receive a diagnosis too late, which makes getting effective treatment challenging. Therefore, it is wise to schedule routine dental check-ups so that dentists can spot any abnormal changes in your mouth. The following are common maxillofacial cancer signs:

Lips and Mouth Sores

Numerous symptoms of maxillofacial cancer include ulcers in the mouth and on the lips that never stop bleeding. You will also have rough patches on your lips, gums, and mouth. In addition, you will encounter unexplained numbness, soreness, or pain in your mouth, neck, and face, as well as a lack of feeling on your face. Jaw swelling is another common condition that can harm dentures or affect how well they fit.

White/Red Patches on the Gum and Tongue

Many oral cancer patients have red or white spots on their mouth lining, gums, tongue, and tonsils. You can also have a sore throat or the sensation that something is lodged in the back of your throat. You will also have trouble moving your tongue or jaw, swallowing, chewing, or speaking. Other common symptoms of maxillofacial cancer include hoarseness, a change in voice, and a persistent sore throat. Additionally, you'll lose weight, have a toothache, have persistent foul breath, ear trouble, mouth pain, and teeth loosening. You should visit your doctor or a health care provider for check-ups and examinations if some of these symptoms continue for a few weeks without curing.
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