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What Are Digital Dental X-Rays

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Evan
What Are Digital Dental X-RaysWith the development of technology in the world, dentists have not been left behind. Digital X-rays are being used every day and are growing in popularity. Their popularity is because they are better at detecting and diagnosing conditions and diseases. We are going to get into digital X-ray and why it's better than traditional X-rays.

Digital X ray

Digital radiography is a form of imagery that uses digital sensors to produce dental images and conditions. There are three ways of getting these images. The direct method uses electronic sensors to create images of the mouth. The indirect method has a film scanner that views traditional films as digital ones. The semi-direct way is a combination of both direct and indirect methods. It has a digital scanner and dental X-ray converter.

The procedure involves the use of a scanner that is inserted in the mouth to get images. The procedure is very similar to the traditional method. The digital scanner then relays images to a computer that are immediately seen in the room The images can also be taken using a specialized scanner or a combination of both.

Advantages of Digital dental X rays

The digital screen has many abilities such as maximizing and minimizing. The ability allows the dentist to be able to see small cavities and other areas. Digital X-ray has provided a way of getting a more effective and quick diagnosis of dental diseases and conditions. The X-ray films can also be sent to other specialists hence reducing the stress of repetitive X-rays. It also makes the process more effective. Digital films are also very environmentally friendly.

Do I need it

Digital X-rays provide a better view of the mouth. The clarity allows the dentist to make a better diagnosis. The ability to get great detail from the X-rays has proven to improve dental medication. The digital X-rays have worked to help in giving suitable medication. They can also be used to monitor emerging teeth such as wisdom teeth. Visit us for digital dental imaging.

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