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Statistics About Smiling and Happiness

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Evan
Statistics About Smiling and HappinessThere is a practical reason why smiling is such a big deal. It is documented that many people will notice your smile first, and thus will significantly influence the perception they will have of you from that point. It, therefore, an important element in how you will feel about yourself, and dentists always say that smiling has a direct effect on your level of happiness. It is therefore important to work on your smiling, and if there are factors that are in your way for you to achieve that perfect smile, our top dentists have the technique and knowledge to offer effective solutions. Here are some statistics that will help you get a clear picture of while smiling is a significant part of your life.

Of all facial expressions the smile is easily the most recognizable

Whatever the place you are, whether in your home country or miles away in a foreign nation, when you smile, the people around you will know that you are happy. A smile is global and it cuts across all cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, and social classes.

Smiling takes less effort than frowning

It is a documented fact that you will use around 13 muscles to smile. However, you will need around 50 muscles to frown. This shows that it is easier to be cheerful than angry. Also, you feel much better when smiling.

There are different types of smiles

There are actually nineteen different kinds of smiles, and a UC-San Francisco researcher divided them into two groups; sincerely felt smiles and polite social smiles.

How many times does the average person smile?

Many people, around 30%, will have an average smile rate of about 20 smiles per day. Less than 14% will have a smile rate of fewer than five miles per day. On the flip side, children smile at an average rate of 400 times a day.

The important thing to remember is that smiling influences your mood and level of happiness. If you are not happy with your smile you can visit us and our dentists will work with you until you achieve that perfect to brighten your day.
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