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Why Your Dentist May Send You To See Us For Jaw Pain

Posted on 1/25/2021 by The Facial Center
Why Your Dentist May Send You To See Us For Jaw PainCavities are a common cause of jaw pain. But, filling the cavity, and tooth extraction at the dentist can help relieve the pain. However, if you experience jaw pain even after cavity treatment, it could imply that your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) has a problem. The TMJ connects your jaw to the skull, allowing you to open or close your mouth during eating or speaking. A problem on your TMJ is termed as Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) and requires a scheduled visit to a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

TMD Diagnosis

If you experience TMD symptoms, your dentist might recommend that you see us for specialized treatment. Among the symptoms you will experience, are a pain in the face, ears, and jaw, which may cause significant swelling on your face. This may result in migraine and pain or pressure behind your eyes and affected facial muscles. TMD will also make your jaw muscles feel sore accompanied by a clicking sound when you open or close your mouth. The jaw may also feel dislocated in most cases, adding to the discomfort.

TMD Treatment

Usually, TMD could cause pain in the jaw joint. This may result from facial trauma, injury, poor oral habits like lip biting, teeth grinding, and teeth clenching. TMD may also result from underlying health conditions like arthritis or psychological disorders like depression. To treat TMD, our specialists will focus on the symptoms and contributing factors. Our team will then utilize conservative treatment options like stress management, therapy, and medication to reduce the inflammation. Where TMD results from oral habits, our specialists will recommend oral appliances like night guards to reduce teeth clenching and grinding. With treatment and management, the TMD symptoms should improve over time, enabling you to resume a normal lifestyle. For more information on TMJ treatment and management, contact our office today.
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