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My Teeth Are Different Colors. Why?

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Doctor Krajekian
Close up comparison of before and after teeth whitening treatment on a man's smile
In a perfect world, all your teeth would be the perfect shade of blinding white and would stay the same blinding white forever. However, in the real world, it is highly unlikely that your teeth are all the same color, especially as you age. Here are some reasons your teeth may not be the same color.

My Teeth Look Yellow or Brown

There are several reasons why your teeth may be yellow or brown. If you use tobacco, nicotine can stain your teeth brown or yellow. Heavy coffee drinkers may also find their teeth yellow or brown. If you are overbrushing, you may also have ivory or yellow spots close to your gumline that indicate you are brushing too hard.

My Teeth Look Gray Or Blue

One reason your teeth may look blue or gray is because you are growing older. As you age, you lose your tooth enamel over time. Also, if you have severe tooth decay, your tooth is not getting as much blood as it should, which can cause your tooth to appear gray. If tooth decay is the issue, and your tooth is not getting enough blood supply, it will eventually die and fall out.

Another reason your teeth may look gray or blue is because of medication. For example, chemotherapy medication can turn your teeth gray or blue as a side effect.

If you had trauma to the tooth, your tooth may turn gray as well. You may suffer tooth trauma from a blow to the face or a car accident where the airbag deployed, for example.

My Teeth Look Purple

The main reason your teeth look purple is from eating a lot of berries or drinking a lot of wine, both of which can stain your teeth purple. Luckily, these stains are more easily removed than other tooth stains.

What Should I Do About My Discolored Teeth?

If you are worried about your discolored teeth, your first step should be a dental appointment. Our dentist can let you know why your teeth are discolored and what steps you need to fix the problem. Why not give us a call today to make an appointment?

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