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Dental Health Risks For Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Evan
Dental Health Risks For  Partially Erupted Wisdom TeethA tooth that fails to emerge fully via the gums is impacted. Impacted teeth are common with wisdom teeth since they are the last third molars to erupt in the mouth of an adult. However, an impacted tooth could be anywhere in the mouth. It can occur in children waiting for teeth to grow after losing their baby teeth. There is no apparent reason for impacted teeth, but professionals state that they come with the health issues mentioned below.

Patients With Partially Erupted Teeth are Prone to teeth Infections

A tooth infection occurs because the impacted teeth have not fully come out of the gum tissue. The space or gap behind after the eruption holds bacteria and food particles that accumulate and cause an infection to the tooth if cleaning is not done correctly. The partially erupted wisdom teeth are at high risk of infection because despite being behind the mouth and hard to reach, the space left also keeps unwanted bacteria.

Tooth Decay

Patients with partially impacted wisdom teeth will also experience crowded or crooked teeth. The reason that this can happen is that they lack sufficient space in the gums to erupt fully. As they try to squeeze themselves through, they push the others and cause misalignment issues. Crowded or crooked teeth lead to difficulty flossing and brushing as opposed to straight teeth. Thus, they end up causing the risk of tooth decay and disease to the gum, resulting in extended complications resulting from the impacted tooth.

Dental Pain

The worst symptom that is recorded in patients with partially erupted wisdom teeth is pain. Teeth growing waywardly end up touching unwanted places like the neighboring roots and teeth, which are then left with dents. The gums next to the erupted teeth begin to hurt and cause pain.
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